Underweight is a condition that is caused by a low body mass index. The body mass index refers to the relationship between the person’s weight and his/her height. For medium weight, a body mass index ranging from 20 to 25 is good. For the underweight people, the body mass index is below 18.5, and for the overweight, the BMI is above 30. For the people who have a BMI of 30, they are considered obese.

Some of the things that can make you become underweight include: unhealthy eating habit, diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, and other infections. In this blogpost, we are going to look at the top tips on How to Gain Weight Fast. Some of the top tips for gaining weight fast include:

1. Eat More Proteins

If you want to gain weight fast, eating foods rich in protein is very important. That is because proteins are essential in building muscles. The muscles add more weight in a body. Therefore for a person to gain weight fast, the person should ensure he/she consumes more protein since the proteins form essential blocks for building muscles. Some of the protein riched foods to eat include the oily fish, meat, dairy product and many more.

2. Eat More Calories

Eating more calories each day can help you gain weight very fast. That is because the more calories you eat, the more your body will gain weight. For a good weight gain, one is required to ensure he/she eats more calories than the number of calories that the body burns. For instance, if your body burns x calories in a day, ensure the number of calories you take is more than the number of calories you burn. The excess calories will be used to build more muscles and hence get more weight gain.

3. Eat More Carbs and Fats Foods

If you want to gain weight quickly, it is essential that you eat more carbohydrates and unsaturated fat every day. Many people who want to lose weight are recommended to reduce the number of carbs they eat. Also, if you want to gain weight, eating more carbs is very important. The carbs are essential in giving the body more energy which the body uses. Hence ensure you eat foods rich in carbs and fat at least three times a day. Some of the high carb foods include the whole grains, and some fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat more Energy-Dense Foods

Energy-dense food is very good for people who want to gain more weight quickly. These type of foods are good since they contain a high number of calories. Junk food is good since they have more spices and condiments. Some of the junk food is very delicious and can make the person to eat more. The more you consume dense-energy food, the more you can gain weight. Some of the energy-dense foods are such as nuts, dried fruits, high-fat dairy, fat and oils, and meat. Those foods are very good for people who want to gain weight.

5. Lift Heavy Weight

Lifting more heavyweight can help you to gain more weight. That is because when you lift heavy objects, the calories go to your muscles instead of going to fat cells. The more calories go to muscles, the higher the chances of gaining weight.
Other tips to gain weight fast include avoiding to drink water before eating, eating more often, drink more milk, and get more sleep.

By considering the above-discussed tips, you will be able to gain more weight within a short time.
Thank you.

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